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Self Care: is it important?

In general everyone should make an effort to establish a self care routine. For me self care looks different almost every time I focus on me.

Steaming your what???

Yup, steaming your femme bits is a thing. A wonderful thing actually. Femme steaming helps with vaginal dryness, fights off bacteria that could lead to infection, preps womb for conception, preps uterus for an easier menstrual flow, reduces cramps and clotting, refreshes femme  after menstruation and reduces discharge throughout the month. Women for centuries have usedContinue reading “Steaming your what???”

Why Detox

Why should I detox?”  Our current environment is oozing with toxins. The air, the water, our bath soap and yes, our food. Our bodies are equipped with cleansing and regulating organs but at the rate these toxins enter there is no way our bodies can keep up. This build up causes issues like cronic headacheContinue reading “Why Detox”


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About Me

My name is Katie Black. I am a wife to my wonderful husband of 10 years and mother to our 5 year old daughter. I started KayTeas and Herb Co. in June of 2019 because I strongly believe that everyone should have holistic health options when it comes to treating and preventing illnesses. The mission of this company is to educate, promote self care, and encourage herbal healing. The internal and external use of herbs has proved beneficial to myself and my family, I only wish the same health and healing to everyone!

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