Let’s Be Exceptionally Real

Happy New Year! I’ll start by saying 2020 was a hell of a year, but we made it. Through every event, through every change, through every tragedy. We made it.

So now we enter 2021 with what? A resolution? An unpurposed existence? No! For 2021 I challenge you ( because challenges are so popular now) to try for an exceptionally real year. This year I challenge you to

Be intentional, taking life day by day is how most of us live. You might make plans for the weekend or try to manage your time with a schedule but for the most part things just happen to us right? Lets be intentional. If you say “I’m going to eat better” don’t just let McDonalds convenience deter that. Be intentional. If you plan to spend more quality time with your kids, do it. Schedule dedicated time for them. Be intentional. Follow through for yourself, many of us are let down by people in our lives but don’t let yourself down. Be intentional.

Enjoy the little things, I know it sounds like a cliché but I’m serious. Take time to enjoy the little things that are often missed because we’re too busy. The other day my little one grabbed for my hand. She wasn’t falling down, she wasn’t leading me anywhere. She just held my hand; and let me tell you it was the best few moments of that day. I had forgotten how small her hands were and how it felt to just feel her hand in mine. Not pulling her through a busy store or wiping sanitizer on them but just feeling my little girls’ hand in mine. Enjoying the little things. Too often we miss the butterfly flying past or fail to really listen in our significant others laugh. These are the things that enrich our lives and we rush past them everyday. Enjoy the little things.

Love on Yourself, give you some love. You deserve it. After this past year of just trying to survive it’s time to make sure you love yourself. Reevaluate what you’re doing and where you’re going. If it’s going in the wrong direction love yourself enough to change it. Set those boundaries and take that personal time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty and don’t brush it off ’til later, now more than ever we see later is promised to no one. It’s ok to admit your not ok. It’s also ok to do what you have to do to be ok. Love on yourself.

For 2021 we are going to be the best versions of ourselves… right? These things are as much for me as they are for you. I will try to keep myself intentional, I’ll try to enjoy the little things, and most importantly I will love on myself more. I will watch more sunrises. I will meditate more. I will eat less Jalapeno Kettle potato chips. I will be present in my family. I will drink my tea before it gets cold, and I will embrace this year with arms wide open. (as long as it doesn’t gut punch me like 2020 did)

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