Why Detox

Why should I detox?” 

Our current environment is oozing with toxins. The air, the water, our bath soap and yes, our food. Our bodies are equipped with cleansing and regulating organs but at the rate these toxins enter there is no way our bodies can keep up. This build up causes issues like cronic headache and fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, poor digestion, poor skin health ie. rashes, psoriasis, acne; the list goes on. This is where the use of herbs can help. Detox teas and baths are good ways to draw out these toxins in a safe and effective way. There are a wide variety of detoxifying herbs that help to purge digestive parasites, cleanse kidneys, cleanse the liver, and remove heavy metals from the blood. Resulting in a healthier, livelier you! So yeah, detoxing is good. Give it a try.

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